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Eagle Court of Honor - Ethan A., Timmy B., Harrison C, and Will H.

Posted by rberlett on Jul 28 2022 - 9:42pm

On behalf of the families of our honored Scouts, you are invited to the Eagle Court of Honor, Sunday August 7, at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Scouts give service to Westminster Presbyterian Church during Fellowship Hour

Posted by rberlett on Jul 28 2022 - 9:38pm
Please show your support for our sponsor church by helping serve the Fellowship Hour refreshments after church services. Scouts will set up and serve light refreshments provided by the church.  Due to Covid last winter, we did not perform this annual service. 

Northern Tier July 2023- Sign Up NOW!

Posted by rberlett on Jul 28 2022 - 9:38pm

Scouts who are 14 by the July 2 departure OR are 13 and have finished 8th grade are eligible. We will take Scouts in the order they sign up before reaching the cut-off.

July 26 Emergency Prep MB Class follow up with Mr. Miller

Posted by rberlett on Jul 21 2022 - 9:58pm
Based on what we didn't wrap up last time and our discussed todo's, homework is:  
Deliver to me in writing (email or hardcopy) prior to our next meeting:
Finish out 2b.  You need to pick 5 from 6-18 and tell me your strategy to address:  (1) Prevention (2) Protection (3) Mitigation (4) Response (5) Recovery  (Bulleted list is fine; show me you understand the concept)
Research 6c - Provide me the name of the Acting Emergency Preparedness coordinator, the address of the Alexandria Emergency Operations Center and review the EOP Basic Plan - Emergency Support Function (ESF) Matrix to tell me where Amature Radio plays a role and what kind of role (Column number and the letter are sufficient)
Bring your kit from 8b to discuss - Make sure your pick the reason/season for your kit and plan accordingly!  Remember a summer kit for ham radio field day is very different from a winter kit for an outdoor food kitchen! - Choose wisely -Point to clarify based on a question I just got.  Bring your personal kit to the meeting.  It should be small enough you can easily carry it and fits with your chosen scenario.


Emergency Preparedness and Radio Merit Badge - Field Day - June 25 - NEW LOCATION

Posted by rberlett on Jun 24 2022 - 2:01am

Emergency Prep Merit Badge class and E. Prep and Radio MB Field day

Troop counselors Mr. Miller and Mr. Buchanan will facilitate the class and field day activities. 

Target First Class Work Over Summer Break with Mr Zampella

Posted by rberlett on Jun 24 2022 - 1:55am
Scouts that want to complete Tenderfoot, Second Class and/or First Class rank requirements over the summer can contact ASM Zampella to set up a mutually agreeable time. Ensure you add another adult to the email.

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